Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Thank You

Thank you, all for your support. I am of course disappointed with the results, but not the effort, the kindness, and the help I've received over the last few months. We did a lot together that we can be proud.

My congratulations, also to Alderpersons Lutz and Martin.

This is it!

Last stretch! Remember:

*The polls are open for another 90 MINUTES. IT IS NOT TOO LATE TO VOTE!

*Lawrence Students--the shuttle is still running to Alex

*Primary Elections often have low turnout. That means that every single vote matters even more than usual.

*If you haven't voted yet, vote! If you know someone in the 4th, ask if they've voted yet, and remind them they have a few more hours to be heard!

*I believe in our District. I believe that we can beat the expectations of a low turnout, that we can do something special and historic tonight, against two incumbents. Together, we can help make Appleton an even better home for all us.

Thank you all for everything you've done, and your support and encouragement since the beginning of this campaign. Let's do this together!

And then join me if you can, please, to help celebrate what we have all accomplished together at the Fox River House tonight.

Primary Election is Today!

Today's the day! Polls open in just about an hour, and will be open until 8pm. The polling place for District 4 is Alexander Gym. I need your help to add another strong, clear, consistently progressive voice to the Common Council. Here's you chance to be heard; here's our chance to show that the people who think our hopes and concerns don't matter are dead wrong.

Let's make history today, together!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Student Information for Tomorrow's Vote!

Important information from the Lawrence Student's page:

Appleton Spring Primary

Tuesday, February 21st – polls will be open from 7 am – 8 pm. Shuttles to the polls (Alexander Gym) will depart from Warch Campus Center every hour, with the first shuttle at 7 am and the last shuttle at 7 pm.

Bring a valid form of identification to the polls, one of the following:

valid Wisconsin driver’s license
federal passport
valid Wisconsin state ID or free voter ID
Lawrence issued voter ID (please note this is NOT your student ID

Lawrence issued voter ID cards are available free from the Warch Campus Center ID office any time during business hours.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Letter of Support in Today's Post Cresecent

Sunday's PC included a thoughtful letter in support of my candidacy. Thank you!

Less than 48 hours before the polls open! Remind your friends about the primary; turnout will be critical, and I need your help, and your voice.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Primary is almost here. Be Heard!

Less than a week to go to the primary! Remember that you can make a difference. The drafters and supports of the Voter ID provisions are discounting your power, your opinion, and your energy.

You matter. Your voice needs to be heard. This Tuesday, let's use this primary to show that the cynical politics of disenfranchisement are not part of our bright future.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

The above map, which can be found below and on the city website (http://www.appleton.org/i/d/community_development/pdf/Dist4.pdf) shows the new boundaries of the 4th District.